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Overview of Services

Dr. Venarde’s clinical practice centers on individual and couples psychotherapy for adults, with a focus on substance use issues, trauma, depression, anxiety, family and relationship concerns, and responding to serious medical illnesses. Above all, Dr. Venarde focuses on creating a supportive and non-judgmental environment in which to examine presenting issues and make meaningful change.

Dr. Venarde’s approach to psychotherapy stresses an understanding of each individual’s unique strengths, qualities, and challenges in order to facilitate progress toward lasting, significant changes. In addition, professional study, practice and research demonstrate that specific approaches are often most effective in addressing certain concerns, and Dr. Venarde uses these strategies when appropriate. The identification of key goals for change and the ongoing evaluation of progress towards these goals are key components of the psychotherapy process.

While the formulation of goals is critical part of the therapy, so is an understanding of the barriers or roadblocks to achieving these goals. An essential piece of the psychotherapy process is identifying barriers to change and developing ways to overcome them, whether they are internal or external, conscious or unconscious, subtle or more readily apparent.

The ultimate focus of psychotherapy is on making desired changes toward a more productive, fulfilling, and meaningful life.

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